What is an Electric Skateboard? – Comprehensive Guide

Generally speaking, an electric skateboard comes with a battery, remote control, and a motor. Moreover, you can purchase it readymade or can assemble it yourself. There is no restriction. If you want to know about electric skateboards, scroll down for more information.

In 1975 a gasoline-powered based skateboard was released, but it was banned in 1997 because it caused environmental pollution and destructive noise. However, from 1997 till date, we saw a significant change in electric skateboards.

What is an Electric Skateboard?

What is an Electric Skateboard
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We can see how its batteries, motor, flat surface, and balance control develop now. In fact, these skateboards look sleeker and beautifully attractive. These skateboards have usually used for regular local commute, or some people can ride them for fun. Likewise, you can use it for commuting definitely.

Structure of an Electric Skateboard

It is similar to a standard skateboard but has significant differences in use; an electric motor incorporated in it drives the board forward. Of course, you can control the speed of the skateboard with the help of remote control.

The motor usually is working with batteries, and you can charge them from time to time. In this case, the motor may attach to wheels inside or present below the deck.

It can carry a weight of around 10 kg on it with a speed of 10 km to 50km/hr. Basic and electric skateboards look the same until you pick an electric skateboard and see motors under the board deck.

These decks are made up of plastic or wood and can vary from highly stiff to super flexible. These flexible decks will prevent moistening cracks and also provide a secure cushion to the user.

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What an Electric Skateboard can do

  • It provides you with more speed during your travel as it is easier to use in rides and maintenance.
  • You can easily break down its parts and recharge batteries for the next ride.
  • Breaks are built-in, and you don’t need to push it because it comes with self-balancing properties.
  • You can move the board from one side to another by tilting it.
  • If you need to turn your skateboard, tilt it from one side to the other side because the weight will transfer to toes or heels.
  • Electric skateboard has fewer chances of an accident or any damage as compared to the small motorcycle.

How Can You Make Your First Ride With An Electric Skateboard?

If this is your first experience with an electric skateboard, you need to read these basic guidelines to ride an electric skateboard.

First Ride With An Electric Skateboard
  1. First, you will see a remote control that comes with a skateboard. Just on the remote control by pulling the trigger to open throttle.
  2. By this action, electromagnetic waves will transfer from the remote control to the skateboard’s Electronic Speed Controller (ESC).
  3. This ESC has a vital role in skateboard movement. For this reason, it will receive information from the blue tooth device.
  4. After specific calculation and evaluation, it will draw accurate energy amount from battery to motor.
  5. It has been completed. Now batteries will deliver power to the motor. It will drive forward your skateboard surely.

Types of Electric Skateboards

There are two basic types of electric skateboards.

1. Longboard

Longboard - Type of Electric Skateboard

It will be best for travelers due to its appearance.

2. Cruisers

Cruisers - Type of Electric Skateboard

It works as an average skateboard and uses for kick turns as well.

In addition, you need to buy a skateboard with updated software and convenient remote control. You can change speed with braking modes with the help of a handheld wireless controller. You will grab it quickly in your hands.

When we talk about skateboard wheels, some esk8 comes with smooth and big wheels. While if you are doing a ride on grass or irregular surface, then use off-road wheels.

The most important thing is the battery, and it can depend on your budget. Battery life may vary from 5 to 20 miles.

The price of an electric skateboard starts from 99$ and goes up to 2000$. If you’re looking for an affordable option, have a look at my article on best affordable electric skateboards.

An Overview of E-Skateboard Parts

An electric skateboard contains three main components.

  1. Basic components
  2. Mechanical components
  3. Electric components

Basic components of Electric Skateboard

It consists of 5 significant parts, and we will describe these parts in this article.

Basic components of Electric Skateboard

1. Deck

It is the central part of esk8 and comes in wood or fiberglass. The wood came with 3 to 12 plies of wood and was laminated accordingly with a concave shape.

While fiberglass uses for rigidity, most robust in shape, durability, and lightweight purpose. Painted manufactures design under the deck for good appearance.

2. Trucks

Trucks are helping to transfer weight from deck to wheels and bearings, and these are made up of metal. It is the most crucial part of riding.

3. Wheels

Wheels have made up of polyurethane and come in different sizes. It transfers your weight from truck to ground surface.

4. Ball-bearing

Every wheel has joined from its axle with two bearings. These bearings have made from steel, silicon, or ceramic. Furthermore, it is an essential part of esk8s.

5. Grip tape

It provides friction from feet to the esk8 deck. It helps you to stay on deck during riding.

6. Motor

Two main types are available for convenient skateboarding.

7. Hub motor

It has been placed under the wheels. It has no sound and comes with a sly mode.

8. Belt motor

It carries conservative style and driving the motor’s pulley for better work and is very convenient in classic skating.

Skateboard Electric Components

Skateboard Electric Components

1. Battery

It is a powerhouse in e-skateboards. It supplies power to the motor for active working.

2. ESC

This part will manage the power supply from batteries to the motor.

3. Remote control

This part will help you to increases or decreases board control and break.

4. Bluetooth receiver and transmitter

It makes a bridge of communication between esk8 and remote control. LED feature also incorporated in modern esk8 to look more stylish.

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