How To Remove Speed Limiter On Electric Bike?

Generally, people prefer electric bikes over other means of transport. First, they are easy to use, and second, they are environmentally friendly. But sometimes, it is hard to change their spare parts, such as the electric bike speed limiter.

If you are one who wants to remove the speed limiter on the electric bike but are unable to perform this task, you are in the right place. Here I will guide you through all the complicated information in simple steps so you are able to not only change your speed limiter but will also help your friends.

The speed limiter is a delicate part of the e-bike. There are different kinds of limiters, such as touch screens, digital and simple. In this article, I will lead you through all of them and the convenient steps to remove the speed limiters. Let’s start our journey, and here we go!

3 Methods To Remove Speed Limiter On Electric Bike

How To Remove Speed Limiter On Electric Bike

There are three ways to remove the speed limiter. The most common method of completing this task is to use hands. You can also stop the limiter from working by changing the setting of the device. Here are 2 easy steps to remove the speed limiter on an electric bike manually.

Method 1: Remove Speed Limiter Manually

Step 1 – Remove E-Bike Rear Wheel Magnet

Most electric bikes have built-in speed machines. So you must use the right tools to change the gadget. The first task you are required to perform is to remove the magnet of the electric bike’s rear wheel side.

You can reattach it later, but to replace the speed limiter, you must remove this magnet. You can also use the neodymium magnet when you are attaching it again. They are stronger than casual magnets and provide more service life. Now slightly move the magnet, which is located on the rear side of the pedal bracket.

Step 2 – Remove the Base Sensor

Once the magnet is not in place, you should change the setting of the base sensor. Start removing the base sensor carefully, and make sure you do not cut any wire. Now reposition the wire and attach it again upside down.

In this way, your bike speed meter will be unable to detect the real speed of the bike, and you will ride the bike without difficulty. Now reattach the magnet in the position slightly, and your speed limiter has been removed.

Advantages Of This Method

  • You can disable the gadget without professional assistance.
  • Price friendly and simple to perform. The method takes less time and effort.
  • You can remove a speed limiter within 10 minutes.

Disadvantage Of This Method

  • The method requires practice.
  • Naive bikers can brake the pedal or cut the wire while repositioning.

Method 2: Disconnecting the Wires Attached to the Sensor

As I have mentioned above, there are many ways to remove speed limiter from an electric bike. The second method is to disconnect the wire from the sensor. This way, the meter will be unable to detect the speed, and you can ride around the town peacefully. All you need is a cutter and cut the wires of the controller and the sensor.

Most professional bikers do not depend on the second method because it is a tricky one. The first way is pretty easy and simple, which is why I endorse it. Anyhow, you can use any of them to turn the speed limiter off.

Advantages Of This Method

  • The method takes less time compared to the previous one.

Disadvantages Of This Method

  • Stop the limiter permanently.

Method 3: Modifying the Speed Data by Using the E-Bike’s Tool Kits

If you do not want to remove the gadget, you can also use the helping kit to minimize the electric bike speed limiter effect. Simply attract the kit to your bike, and it will start working. Basically, they make a machine that can fool the speed limiter controller. Here are 4 steps to attach the tool kit

Step 1 – Remove Electric Circuit

Remove the electric circuit with the screwdriver. Loose the screws, and disassemble the circuit slightly. The removal is not long-term; you are required to attach the tool kit to the circuit.

Step 2 – Connect Base Sensors

Now, place the tool kit and connect it to the base sensors.

Step 3 – Reassemble the Circuit

Reassemble the circuit in the position and start tightening the screws.

Step 4 – Turn on the Kit

After completing this procedure, check the screws and turn on the kit.

Advantages Of This Method

  • You do not need to turn off the speed limiter by cutting wires or removing it.
  • The tool kit provides a long service life.
  • It will not only help you while riding the bike but also enables its users to go as long as she wishes.

Disadvantages Of This Method

  • The tool kit costs more than 50 bucks.
  • Installation is difficult.
  • It requires maintenance after some months.

Is it a smart decision to remove the speed limiter of an e-bike?

People prefer electric bikes over other forms of transportation because of safety. Electric bikes are lightweight and provide a good riding experience. In this era of energy shortage and inflation, using an electric bike is a wise decision. Electric bikes are not as speedy as motorcycles, but a high-quality bike with a powerful engine can cross 70 kilometers per hour.

Electric bike manufacturing companies use speed limiter meters to protect riders and pedestrians. Although these devices are irritating, they can save you and others from accidents and mishaps. That is why speed limiter gadgets are helpful. If your permanent transport is an electric bike, you should remove the equipment. But in other conditions, it can result in misery.

Moreover, speed limiters are good at detecting the pace of a bike. Most gadgets come with a 20 mph speed limit because a normal person can effortlessly control the bike at this pace. But if you accelerate the speed, you will be unable to manage the balance and lose control. I recommend keeping the speed limiter in place, but if you have conditions, you can turn it off or use the tool kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal speed limit for electric bikes?

The US government encourages slow bike riders. The government has strict laws and explanations regarding the speed of an electric bike. Most states have a 20 mph speed limit but some also allow you to ride the bike at 28 mph speed. However, you should keep the speed between 15 to 20 mph.

Can an electric bike go 60 mph?

Yes, electric bikes are good at speed and there are some bikes with an 80 mph limit. But you should also know that high speed is dangerous for both you and the people around you, so do not ride the bike at a high pace.

Why are Ebikes limited to 28 mph?

E-bikes come with three modes; pedaling mode, assistance mode, and full engine-dependent mode. In the last one, you do not need to pedal; you can accelerate the speed of the bike with a moveable handle cover. But experts claim high speed is dangerous and hard to control. That is why electric bikes come with a 28 mph limit.

Final Remarks

Electric bikes are great for small distances and save money. But most bikes come with a speed limiter for the safety of the rider. The machine does not allow you to cross 20 or 28 mph, but if you are tired of arriving late at work, you can change the setting of the device.

In this guide, I have explained three easy ways to turn the speed limiter off and use a tool kit to fool the controller. You can also cut the particular wire for permanent relief, but it is not recommended. At the end of the article, I also discussed the problem of the speed limiter. I hope you find the guide helpful.

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