How To Carry Spare Electric Bike Battery?

Are you planning a long trip with your friends on an e-bike? Then you must have this subconscious feeling of running out of battery in the middle of nowhere.

Having a spare electric bike battery can save you from the trouble of electric bike battery but you must be wondering if there is a way to carry an extra battery with you. Gladly there are multiple ways of carrying a second e-bike battery. If you are interested in knowing these methods then keep on reading this article.

How To Carry Spare Electric Bike Battery?

How To Carry Spare Electric Bike Battery

If you want to stay cool as a cucumber on your entire journey on an e-bike then the best way is to keep a spare battery with you. This way you will never be worried about the low battery of your bike especially when you are going to a distant place.

Now you may be wondering how to carry a spare e-bike battery with you, right? You will be happy to hear that in this article we will reveal some amazing extra e-bike battery mounting ideas. So let’s get rolling. You can also read about how to reset ebike battery.

Methods to Carry Spare E-Bike Battery

How To Carry Spare Electronic bike Battery

1. Rear Racks

The simplest way of carrying a spare e-bike battery is by installing a rear rack on your bike. Most of the rear mounting racks are capable of carrying two batteries. This will help you in electric bike battery weight distribution as well as adding a second battery to the electric bike. Moreover, it does not cost much so you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to carry a spare battery with you.

2. Rear Seat Packs

Another great way of carrying spare e-bike batteries is rear seat packs. This amazing product will not only carry an extra battery for you but is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about spoiling your e-bike batteries if it rains. Therefore, you can use it in all seasons without any worries.

3. Frame Mounted Bags

Do you want a more stylish hack to carry your e-bike spare batteries? If yes, then frame-mounted bags are the perfect option for you. These frame mounted bags not only look super stylish but have great load-carrying capacity without damaging the bike’s frame. Moreover, you can also go for a water-resistant bag if you want. Also read about transporting electric bike on plane.

4. Backpacks

If you don’t want to add anything to your bike then a good replacement for this is a backpack. Just grab your usual backpack, place the battery in it and wear it like you always do.

Furthermore, there are specialized backpacks for e-bike batteries. So if you want a more comfortable and reliable bag for loading your bike’s battery in it then you can go for electric bike backpacks. You may also want to know can you take an electric bike on a train!

FAQs about Spare E-bike Battery

Should I get a second battery for my bike?

Getting a second battery for an e-bike is very beneficial as it will get handy in times of need. So with an extra battery, you will never have to worry about running out of battery on a long bike ride.

How do you put a battery in an e-bike rear rack?

Putting a battery in an e-bike rear rack is not difficult. First of all, you have to fix a bike rear rack on your bike by securing the screws and clips. Once it is securely mounted you can put your spare e-bike battery on the rack without any worries.

Final Thoughts on Transferring Additional E-bike Battery

Do you want to go for a long bike ride? Then having a spare e-bike battery can help you in your difficult times as when your one battery runs out you can switch it with the second one. So if you have an extra battery for an electric bike and want to carry it along with you then you can try the following hacks for this purpose.

  • Rear racks
  • Rear seat packs
  • Frame mounted bags

If you are a biker and trying to find out how to carry spare e-bike batteries then you can try the above-mentioned ways. So in the case of a long bike ride if your e-bike’s battery dies you will have a second battery with you so you don’t regret your decision of going on a long bike ride. Thank you for reading.

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