How To Calculate E-Bike Range? – Distance Calculator Guide

You won’t be surprised to know that people are switching from cars to electric bikes because of their convenience. These are sustainable means of transportation and contribute less to pollution.

Many people including myself were unaware of the range of electric bikes. I did my research before investing my money and decided to pen down the information for you all too. Read the information carefully to know the calculation method for finding the estimated range of distance covered by your electric bike.

How To Calculate E-Bike Range?

How To Calculate E-Bike Range

Electric Bike Range Calculator

You all might know that electric bikes do not have a large range. They can cover almost 30 miles to 50 miles when fully charged. These are manufactured for covering short distances around the city. The batteries of the e-bikes are normally of 500 to 700 watts depending upon the model and the size.

You can easily calculate the range of the e-bikes and estimate the performance of the bike. The range can be determined by multiplying the voltage of the battery with amps. The product will give you the result so you can know the range or the distance covered by your newly bought electric bicycle.

For instance, if your electric bike has a lithium battery with 36 volts and 10 AH, it will have a capacity of 360 watts. When estimated, the electric bike will cover at least 18 to 20 miles of distance by using a fully charged lithium battery. The range and the performance of the electric bikes will vary depending upon the size and the types of batteries in the bikes.

Electric Bike Battery Pack Calculator

It is very much important to buy an electric bike that has the right size of battery installed in it. This will help you ride the bike in your favorite style and cover the distance you want. The electric bikes come with a battery but you can install or replace it with another one.

To estimate the watt-hour of the battery you want for your bike, you can simply multiply the distance you wish to travel by the capacity of the bike. The product will give you the capacity of the battery pack so you can have the ideal battery for your electric bike.

You can now replace the already installed battery pack with the new one to ride the electric powered bikes for hours. This will also enable you to cover big trails without worrying about the battery running out.

E-bike Battery Range and Distance Calculator Guide

As mentioned above, entry-level or simple electric bikes can cover almost 40 to 50 miles if the battery is fully charged. It is best if you know the range or the distance covered by an electric bike before investing your money in it.

The newly purchased e-bikes will cover the distance more than you expect but they will probably run out of battery on long cycling trails or tracks. One thing should be kept in mind that calculating the exact range is not possible.

Even if the companies or manufacturers mention an approximate range or distance that an electric bike can cover, these are near to accurate. The range can also vary according to the speed, riding pace, and style of the cyclist. A battery in the e-bike will respond differently to the different settings. For instance, if you ride a bike at low speed it will cover the maximum distance as the battery will drain slowly with time.

A battery will work 60 miles if you ride the bike at a low pedal assist. Whereas, the same battery will work for only 30 miles if you ride at a medium level. The distance changes according to the pedal assist and the speed.

You can use a simple formula for determining the distance or the range. Simply divide the wattage of the battery by 10, 20, or 30 if you like riding the electric bike with a low, medium, or high pedal assist respectively. The result will be the nearest possible range or the capacity of the battery.

How to Calculate Exact Range Of Electric Bike?

You cannot determine the exact range of the electric bike because of multiple factors. Not all e-bikes use the same battery. Every company uses different types of batteries and each one of them has a different draining rate. Secondly, the cyclist uses different pedal assist settings. This varies from person to person which is why the exact range cannot be determined.

Moreover, eco bikes will work for a longer period of time so you can cover more distance compared to simple electric bikes. Hence all these factors are the reason the exact range of electric bicycles cannot be known. You can estimate the range to plan your cycling tours according to the performance of the bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate my e-bike battery?

You can easily calculate your e-bike battery by multiplying the voltage with the amps. The product will give you an estimate of the range or the capacity of your e-bike’s battery.

How many Ah do I need for my e-bike?

The electric bikes come with a preinstalled battery but you can use a 10 to 15-amp battery in your electric bike in case of replacement. This will help you cover at least 30 to 40 miles easily.

Will bigger batteries make e-bikes faster?

Yes, a bigger battery with more voltage will definitely increase the speed of your electric bike but you should first check if the bike can handle it. Mostly, the bigger batteries can damage the controller of the bike.

Final Remarks

A detailed article with all the necessary details about the e-bike range along with the calculator is given. You can go through the information to estimate the range and the possible distance covered by your entry-level electric bike.

Different electric bikes have different ranges depending on the batteries they are using. Hence it is best if you go through the company’s website and check the details such as range, battery, and performance before investing in a bike.

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