Electric Scooter Speed Limit Rules in Different Countries

Initially, the world treated electric scooters as a bicycle and set almost no rules. However, currently, every state has specific regulations for electric scooter riders to ensure safety. No doubt, using electric scooters is relatively easy and safer, but these rules boost the safety level. Moreover, it is crucial to consider that every state has its own specific regulations, so one should follow them according to the area they belong.

At first, it was not easy to make rules for a thing that is not a 1005 vehicle and not a bicycle; therefore, we need specific guidelines according to it. However, these rules are implementable when you ride your electric scooter at its top speed.

Electric Scooter Speed Limit Rules in Different Countries

These rules are here to make electric scooter speed limit. Many things come under the umbrella of speed safety. In this article, I will share with you the Electric scooter speed limit rules in each state. So keep reading.

Basic Electric Scooter Speed Limit Rules That All Countries Share

There are some basic rules that you will find in-laws of every state. Scooters have almost the identical speed limit and manufacturing style that impact similar during law making. No matter where you live, you can experience these limits and perks almost everywhere. Here are these laws:

Basic Rules That All States Share

1. Acquiring Electric Scooters License

Electric scooters are powerful enough to damage things around them in case you lose control. However, it is still on the safer side, and anyone can control it effortlessly. Moreover, most electric scooters don’t have very high top speed. Therefore, having a license is not necessary in the case of an electric scooter.

2. Accessible and Restricted Areas for riding electric scooters

It is a bit confusing as an electric scooter is not a bicycler nor a vehicle but has perks of both. You can ride electric scooters on public roads without a license in most countries. Also, due to the resemblance to a bicycle, you can use bicycle tracks, a perk of owning an electric scooter.

3. Use of a Safety Helmet while riding electric scooter

Wearing a safety helmet is recommended, even if there is no set rule. So many countries make it compulsory to wear a helmet while handling an electric scooter. But as this is not compulsory in countries till you cross a specific limit, according to your age.

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What is the legal speed for an electric scooter?

These were some basic rules almost all countries follow, but each country has its laws different from others. Let’s look at the electric scooter speed limits and other restrictions in different states.

Electric Scooter Speed Limit Rules in the Different States

1. Electric Scooter Speed Limit Rules in Germany

If you are riding an electric scooter, you cannot exceed 20kph. Under this limit, you don’t have to follow any specific rules. In contrast, you must wear a helmet when you cross this limit. Furthermore, in Germany, it is compulsory to have insurance and insurance plates to ensure safety.

Like most countries, here you can use the cycle paths without any limitation, just like a bicycle rider use. Also, public roads are open for service too. However, there is a limit on engine power of 500watts to avoid any potential damage.

2. Singapore E-Scooter Speed Limit Rules

Suppose you want to enjoy the ride of an electric scooter. In that case, you must register it in the local transportation authority government for record. For registration, the age limit is 16 years minimum. Moreover, the registration has specific criteria you must fulfill to register your electric scooter. These are the requirements:

  • The device weighs must be less than 20kg
  • The width should be less than 70cm
  • 25kph is an electric scooter speed limit

After registration, the authority gives you a registration mark sticker, and with this, you can ride it. In case of any rule braking incident, mainly using an unregistered scooter, you have to face severe consequences in the form of fines and imprisonment. The minimum penalty is $2,000 and imprisonment of 3 months or more.

Furthermore, if you want to keep riding an electric scooter on the premises of Singapore, you need UL2272 Standard certification. So after purchasing the scooter, opt for registration and UL2272 Standard certificate to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Singapore has strict laws for electric scooters, but once you fulfill the requirements, you can use public roads without any issues.

3. UK Electric Scooter Speed Limit Rules

The UK law called electric scooters electrically assisted pedal cycles, so for them, these are more like a bicycle. So if you want to enjoy EAPC laws, your electric scooter must have pedals. Also, your EAPC must display things like the manufacturer or engine’s power output to check the implementable laws.

Moreover, a display of the maximum speed of the e-scooter or available voltage is important so police can judge the speed conveniently. Also, it will help you to follow the speed limit in a better way. Like previous laws, you can use public roads and the bicycle lane with an electric scooter. This is no doubt the biggest perk of having an electric scooter.

4. Electric Scooter Speed Limit Rules USA

In most states of the USA, including California, it is compulsory to wear a helmet without any specific speed limit. Moreover, the speed limit is also low here, which is 15kph, as this is enough to ensure safety.

Like the previous state, you can use the bike lane in the USA, but with a e-bike speed limit rule that you cannot ride it at less than 25kph speed. This rule is designed to keep traffic inflow as slow vehicles can block it, resulting in the disturbance. Read a detailed comparison of electric bike vs scooter for commuting.

5. Australia and New Zealand Electric Scooter Speed Limit Rules

Electric scooters are powerful devices; therefore, according to Australia and New Zealand law, kids aged 12-16 years cannot use them without adult supervision. If you are 16+, you can take electric scooter rides without charge.

Also, there is no need for a license to own an electric scooter. The electric scooter speed limit in these states is 25kph. However, unfortunately, here, you cannot use public roads and are limited to paths. Even the use of bicycle lanes is also not allowed.

6. Electric Scooter Speed Limit Rules in France

In France, the lawmakers have a speed limit of 25kph for electric scooters. If you try to cross it, it will end up with a huge fine. Moreover, you cannot use headphones while riding an electric scooter. This is an important step taken by France to reduce the accidents ration. Also, it is not allowed to ride electric scooters on pavements.

However, you can use public roads, but your scooter should be road worthy, which means it has good speed to meet traffic flow and should be powerful enough to handle pressure. Interestingly, in France, Kids with 8+ age can own an electric scooter without any adult supervision.

FAQs about E-Scooter Speed Limit Rules

Are electric scooters legal in the USA?

Yes, electric scooters are legal in the USA, but they have public safety rules. You can use public roads in the USA, but you should drive at 25kph+ speed to avoid disturbing the traffic flow. However, even after years, there is still ambiguity in electric scooter rules because electric scooters are not bicycles or a vehicle.

Do electric scooters have a governor?

Almost all states have a speed limit, which is essential to ensure that people around you stay safe. Therefore, many companies install governors so you can set the speed limit. This small tool saves you from breaking the speed rules even by mistake. This is definitely a worth having tool for convenient rides.

Are electric scooters street legal in PA?

In PA, riding them on roads is not street legal because one should have a registered vehicle to do this. In the case of electric scooters, these products cannot fulfill the requirements of inspection tools. Therefore, it is almost impossible to get them registered. This ultimately makes electric scooters banned in PA.

What is the difference between a mobility scooter and an electric scooter?

The main difference is their purpose, as the electric scooter is something a person uses to go somewhere and use on roads. In contrast, the purpose of a mobility scooter is the same as a wheelchair with more advanced options.

How fast do three-wheel scooters go?

The number of wheels directly has nothing to do with speed, as it is all about the battery and motor power. However, indirectly it adds to speed. It is a fact that three wheels make the vehicle stable and balanced, which allows a rider to drive it at high speed. Generally, a three-wheel scooter can touch 20kph speed with more stability.

Concluding E-Scooter Speed Limit Rules

Every state has its own electric scooter speed limit and safety rules; therefore, look for the laws of your area. It will help you ensure 100% safety and keep you away from fines and harmful consequences.

Moreover, make sure to own an electric scooter in road-worthy condition so you never disturb traffic on public roads. Try to learn about the rules of your area and follow them as this is your duty, so never compromise on it.

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