Can you take your Electric Bike on a Train?

Who doesn’t like carrying their electric bikes along when living in overpopulated cities? Electric bikes are grabbing people’s attention because they are an environmentally friendly option. These can easily be carried as they weigh less than conventional bicycles.

People often wonder if they can take their bikes when traveling by train or not. I decided to answer this query by writing an article with all the necessary details. Dive in so you can know how and when to carry your bike when traveling on a train.

Can you take your E-Bike on a Train?

Can You Take Your Electric Bike On A Train
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You can easily transport electric bikes on trains in most countries around the world. They are a great source of transportation especially when you live in cities that are highly populated.

The big cities are busier and the chances of getting stuck in traffic are higher than you might imagine. People use trains to travel to their work and carry their bikes along so they can easily go from the station to the offices. Electric bikes are environmental friendly options as they do not contribute to pollution. You may also want to know can I transport electric bike on plane.

Companies Policies about Carrying E-Bikes on Trains

Different train companies have different policies regarding carrying bikes on the trains. Some companies allow you to carry the bikes by paying for an additional ticket. Whereas others tell you to store the electric bikes in the luggage area.

The design and the structure of the e-bikes are extremely compact and lightweight which is why they can easily be carried on the train with you. They are smaller in size and have a lightweight frame that helps in carrying them along especially folding electric bikes.

Every company has a different policy regarding carrying bikes. Some train companies allow electric bicycles that weigh less than 25 kg. You might also notice that there are separate compartments in the trains for parking bicycles.

It is best if you check on the train company’s or local government transportation department website before carrying the electric bike as you might have to return because of the space shortage. Trains have separate areas for wheelchairs which can be used to park your electric bikes too.

Universal Rule for Carrying an Electric Bike on Train

Hence, there are no universal rules for carrying an electric bike on public trains. You just need to make sure that the battery of the electric bike is fully charged as chances of missing the train are present too. You can also carry spare ebike battery.

Sometimes you can find a seat for yourself but you cannot find a spot for the bicycle. Charge the battery and leave a little early so you do not run late from work or a meeting. Check the company’s rules and regulations before showing up at the station with the electric bike on an early Monday morning.

Can You Take A Bike On Amtrak?

As mentioned above, you can carry an electric bike on public trains which makes it obvious that you can take a bike on Amtrak too. You just have to follow two rules if you want to carry your electric bicycle on Amtrak:

First of all, you need to check the weight of electric bike because if your bike is heavier than 50 pounds, you cannot carry it along on the train. Secondly, read the user manual and all the specifications to know the exact size of the bike as it should be no bigger than 70 x 45 x 8.5 inches in size.

If your bike fulfills these two rules or guidelines given on Amtrak website, you can carry it along without thinking for a second. It should be kept in mind that you have to purchase a bike ticket.

Bike racks can be used to park them safely as the train journeys can be long. Some passengers remove the front wheel to fix the electric bikes with the fork-mounted racks in the train box. This reduces the overall weight of the bike so you can carry a heavier bike if the front wheel can be removed.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Bike On Amtrak?

It is mandatory to buy a ticket for shipping an electric bicycle on Amtrak. The price of the ticket will vary depending on the parking spot on the train. You will have to pay $10 to park the electric bike in the bicycle containers. Each of these containers has space for 2 to 3 bikes.

If the bike boxes or containers are occupied, you can use the luggage area if it is empty and pay for the ticket which is double the price of the bicycle containers. This is common and will happen more often because most people carry their bikes along to work.

Amtrak Bike Policy

Amtrak is happy that it can accommodate customers who want to carry their electric bikes along for exploring the places that come in between their journeys. The company offers different services to ensure you will have a hassle-free traveling experience with your bicycles.

You have to remove the front wheel of the bike if the distance being covered is short. Bicycle racks are installed in the train that will make sure that your bikes are fixed at their designated spots.

If your electric bike can be folded, you can easily store it in the luggage area. The full-size bicycles are also stored in the baggage area but this service is not available at all the stations as the staff won’t be available to accommodate you. However, if you are traveling on a longer route, there is no additional fee for carrying the electric bike but you have to reserve the spot beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you travel with an electric bike?

Yes, you can easily travel with an electric bike on the trains as they have specific areas that store the bikes safely.

Does Amtrak allow electric scooters?

Yes, Amtrak allows electric scooters just like they allow electric bikes on the train. The company thinks of them as electric bikes because most of the features are the same.

Are electric bikes considered electric vehicles?

No, electric bikes are not considered electric vehicles in most cities around the globe because they can be operated manually too.

Final Thoughts

A detailed article with information on carrying your bike on a train is written so you can take it along the next time when traveling on a public train. This makes your life easy because you can stop in between your journey and explore new places. Bikes have separate containers or boxes with racks that make sure that they are transported safely to your destination.

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