Can You Ride An Electric Bike Without The Battery?

An electric bike is a comfortable and environment-friendly source of conveyance. If you love traveling and exploring places on the electric bike then you must have thought if you could ride an electric bike without a battery. Didn’t you?

Many electric bike riders have this subconscious fear of running out of battery and being left stranded. So if you are also confused about whether can you ride an electric bike without a battery then this article is for you. So let’s get rolling.

Riding An Electric Bike Without The Battery

Can You Ride An Electric Bike Without The Battery
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If you are wondering if electric bikes work without a battery then a simple answer to this question of yours is a yes, you can ride an electric bike without battery. You must have been relieved after reading this statement. Aren’t you? Well, most electric bikes come with a mode switching facility which comes in handy in difficult times like when your bike runs out of battery.

How To Ride An Electric Bike Without the Battery?

Most manufacturers prefer using a lithium-ion battery on e-bikes. A fully charged lithium battery can take you about 25 to 70 miles on the road which is quite a lot but you should keep yourself prepared for situations like low battery. Now questions like whether an electric bike is ridden without a battery must be popping into your mind, right?

You will be glad to hear that if your electric bike’s battery ever runs low or you have taken it out for a ride without charging it then you can simply pedal it like a normal bike. But the downside of pedaling an electric bike is that it is a lot harder than a simple bike because of the weight.

An electric bike is heavier in weight as compared to traditional bikes because of its motor and battery. Thus, when batteries die you will have to carry that weight yourself. Well, you can try various smart ways of riding an electric bike to save more battery so if you are interested in knowing these ways then read ahead.

  • Ride extra miles with eco mode
  • Ride with zero power mode
  • Switch to the lowest setting to save more battery

Tips to Ride an E-bike without Battery

No matter what your reason is for riding an e-bike without a battery you can use some amazing tips to make the most out of it. So if you are in a situation where you have to use an electric bike without a battery then you should try the following tips to avoid any difficulty that a flat battery might bring. So here you go.

Tips To Ride An E-bike Without Battery

1. No worries if you can not use pedal assistance mode your gears will be your best friend in such situations. Try riding with different gears to choose a pace you can ride comfortably.

2. If you have removed the battery of the bike due to any reason you should keep the battery space clean. So when you will reinsert the battery you don’t have to go through a mess.

3. If your e-bike’s battery has died, leave it on charge so if you want to have an e-bike ride with batteries later you won’t have to face any difficulties.

4. Analyze tire pressure before going on the road without the batteries of your e-bike. Low pressure will cause more friction which will lessen the speed of your ride.

5. To keep the batteries safe and for a long time, it is advised to never overload your bike as it can lessen the life span of your e-bike.

Reasons behind Riding an Electric Bike without Battery

There can be many reasons behind riding an electric bike without batteries. Some people do it intentionally while others come across a situation that leads to switching from riding an electric bike battery to without batteries.

After constant searching on the internet for hours, I have found the following reasons for riding an electric bike normally.

Reasons Behind Riding An Electric Bike Without Batteries
  • The most common reason behind riding an e-bike without batteries is a dead battery.
  • Furthermore, it can be used as a piece of exciting equipment if you are trying to burn a few calories. Riding an e-bike without batteries consumes a lot of energy so it’s a faster and healthier way of losing weight.
  • If you are traveling by air and have the intention to carry your electric bike with you then keep in mind to remove its batteries to avoid any convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can electric bikes be used manually?

Fortunately, yes. To use an electric bike manually all you have to do is to select zero assistance mode on your bike. That’s it.

What happens when an e-bike battery dies?

If your e-bike’s battery dies and you are still far away from your destination then you can either choose pedal assisting mode if there’s still a little battery left but if it is completely dead then simply ride it like a normal bike without any pedal assistance.


Many electric bike riders wonder if it is possible to ride a bike without batteries. There can be plenty of reasons behind not wanting to use the electric bike with batteries. So a simple answer is a yes.

Fortunately, electric bikes have a feature that allows you to ride an electric bike without batteries. Just know that if you ever get into a situation where you have to ride an electric bike normally then it won’t be a problem for you. Thank you for reading.

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